Международная Выставка "Нефть и Газ Каспия 2018"
Международная Выставка "Нефть и Газ Каспия 2018"
4 Май

Мы приглашаем вас на выставку "Нефть и Газ Каспия" 29-31 мая и 1 июня в Бакинском Expo Центре, в которой участвует наша компания. Присоединяйтесь к нам на выставке, чтобы увидеть наше современные решения автоматизации, а также новые продукты наших партнеров (Rockwell Automation, Endress Hauser). Основной целью нашего участия и презентаций является предоставление дополнительной информации о современных технологиях: «Industry 4.0», «Internet of Things» и подобного рода инноваций.

Подробная информация о выставке: http://caspianoilgas.az/ 

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Cover Story: While the oil and gas sector is still male-dominated, engineering-minded associations are working to motivate more women to work in the field.

While technology and engineering constantly evolve, the gender balance is an issue that still needs to be addressed by those who work in the sector. Throughout history, the engineering industry has traditionally underplayed its female workforce. For example, how many people could name the famous male machinist and engineer who industrialized car production in 1920s America (Henry Ford), compared to the female engineer—and movie star—behind a remote-controlled communications system for the U.S military during World War II which now serves as a basis for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network connections (Hedy Lamarr).

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The 30th annual Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Awards shines a light on 28 categories of control, instrumentation, and automation products, revealing the best of those introduced in 2016 as chosen by you, Control Engineering’s print and digital audience. Review the winners and honorable mentions here to see if their innovative solutions can help you solve one of your most pressing problems.

Also, join us in congratulating these technological innovators. Let them know you learned about their solutions in Control Engineering, and tell them what problems you need solutions for next. Their continuous improvement ensures that manufacturers, machine builders, and automation system integrators can achieve the levels of agility, efficiency, and effectiveness necessary to compete—and win—in today’s global economy.

More than 100 finalists from 63 companies were listed on ballots for evaluation. Automation professionals from Control Engineering’s subscriber lists—all of whom are responsible for or influence technology purchases, or have hands-on day-to-day interaction with the technologies in each category—then voted to identify the products they felt were the most exceptional based on technological advancement, service to the industry, and market impact. The result is a short list of Engineers’ Choice Awards winners and honorable mentions in 28 categories. A total of 1 grand winner, 28 winners, and 28 honorable mentions were named for 2017.

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Industrie 4.0 combines production methods with state-of-the-art information and communication technology. The driving force behind this development is the rapidly increasing digitisation of the economy and society. It is changing the future of manufacturing and work in Germany: In the tradition of the steam engine, the production line, electronics and IT, smart factories are now determining the fourth industrial revolution.

The technological foundation is provided by intelligent, digitally networked systems that will make largely self-managing production processes possible: In the world of Industrie 4.0, people, machines, equipment, logistics systems and products communicate and cooperate with each other directly. Production and logistics processes are integrated intelligently across company boundaries to make manufacturing more efficient and flexible.

This facilitates smart value-creation chains which include all of the lifecycle phases of the product – from the initial product idea and development, production, use and maintenance through to recycling. In this way, customer wishes for everything from the product idea through to recycling can be taken into account, as well as the related services. This enables companies to produce products that are customised according to individual customer requirements more easily than before. The individual production and maintenance of products could become the new norm.

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Radar has become the preferred technology for level measurement in many of today’s industrial applications since it has been continually developed and improved over the past 40 years.

For noncontacting radar instruments, selecting the microwave frequency transmitted by the device is an area in which some interesting recent developments have taken place. Noncontacting radar instruments using high-frequency (75 to 85 gigahertz [GHz]) technology have been introduced, complementing the low - (6 to 11 GHz) and mid-frequency (24 to 29 GHz) devices already extensively deployed to provide accurate and reliable level measurements.

Offering a wider selection of devices to end users is beneficial, but it is crucial to select a radar instrument that uses the most appropriate frequency band for each application. The different frequency bands are not equally suited to every application, so the strengths and weaknesses of each must be carefully considered in light of how various process conditions can affect performance.

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This Standard Technical Specification was developed by Hunter Water Corporation to be used for the design, construction/installation and/or maintenance of facilities that are, or are to become, the property of Hunter Water Corporation.

It is intended that this Standard Technical Specification be used in conjunction with various other standard and project specific drawings and design requirements as defined by Hunter Water Corporation for each particular project.

Hunter Water Corporation does not consider this Standard Technical Specification suitable for use for any other purpose or in any other manner. Use of this Standard Technical Specification for any other purpose or in any other manner is wholly at the user's risk.

Hunter Water Corporation makes no representations or warranty that this Standard Technical Specification has been prepared with reasonable care and does not assume a duty of care to any person using this document for any purpose other than stated.

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Our Bulletin 2711R PanelView™ 800 Graphic Terminals are panel-mount display devices that offer keypad or touch screen options for operator input. These graphic terminals are available in 4...10 in. display sizes and are compatible with micro and small controllers.

They feature high-performance processors, high-resolution displays, and high flash and dynamic memories. The built-in Ethernet and serial communication ports support a variety of networks. These terminals offer improved usability with remote monitoring capability.

Features: Optimized for compatibility with Micro800® and MicroLogix™ controllers, Enables connectivity with CompactLogix™ 5370 L1, L2, and L3 controllers, Offers remote monitoring and troubleshooting of terminal using a Virtual Network Computing (VNC) server, Includes high-resolution display with LED backlight supporting 65K colors, Offers flexible application modes in landscape and portrait, Includes high performance 800MHz CPU processor with 256MB memory, Includes USB host port and microSD™ support file transfer or updating firmware, Alerts operators with alarm messages that include embedded variables, Provides ability to upload and download groups of data or parameter settings with recipe capability.