Modern Digital Transformation 


      Current period is a century of new digital technologies and revolutions in the world. Manufacturers are already realizing sizeable boosts to performance via the Great Digital Transformation. By enabling a secure flow of data throughout the enterprise and supply chain, these companies are dramatically improving productivity, quality, compliance — and profitability. Main attributes of modern digital technology are recoginized as “Industry 4.0” and “Industry Internet of Things”. Our company always keeps up with modern digital technology in automation – control and instrumentation fields. We promote methods of introducing modern digital technologies into the industry through our own solutions, as well as solutions from our partners: Rockwell AutomationPhoenix ContactEndress + Hauser etc.

      The Great Digital Transformation has already begun. Is your company ready?



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                                                                                     What is Industry 4.0? 


                                                                                 Industrial cloud computing


                                                              Shaping the Digital Transformation Within Companies